My name is Damon Wright and I’m so excited about being part of the Human Connection Revolution (HCR) family.  Through this organization, I have the unique opportunity to assist in creating an organization that’s truly impactful in helping individuals that need assistance, support, and guidance. 

The HCR model is intentionally simple; we help individuals from a variety of backgrounds (prison, homeless, under-employed, etc.) build a better future through housing, counseling, and job training support.  The HCR family and support network assists in strengthening individual character and personal confidence that are the building blocks to personal growth.  This may seem like a simple task, but the variety and complexity of individuals and situations from those we’ve already assisted has proven that HCR is very much needed in our communities and across the Houston area. 

HCR focuses on the total person and we help the individual get on the right path toward personal growth and stability.  While not everyone will be successful as a result of our program, we aim to equip individuals with the necessary tools and support that will provide the opportunity for success.  To do this effectively, we need support from those in our community through donations and volunteer time.  Please, donate today.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with all donations transparently and properly accounted for. Please, contact us about Legacy Level Donations for substantial opportunities for your own legacy.


Damon Wright

Human Connection Revolution

Executive Director