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Existing organizations currently residing in the greater Houston area provide an array of services. HCR differentiates itself from other organizations by offering holistic support to the individual.

If HCR is unable to assist an individual adequately, based on specialized needs and counseling support, we plan to refer them to other organizations that may be better equipped to provide support.  Other support organizations across Houston provide aspects of the support summarized above, but no existing service provides full support to address the needs of the individual.


A quarter

people are homeless in just the USA alone.
are homeless children.


HCR housing is superior to similar programs across the Houston-area and is intended to create a home-like setting for program participants to feel comfortable and focus on reaching goals. Program participants have the ability stay in low-cost housing on the HCR campus for the duration of the program, which is typically expected to be 180 days to 1 year.  After this time, assistance finding affordable housing across Houston is given by HCR resources.


Participants in the HCR program are provided with the basic necessities during their participation in the program.  These necessities are provided to improve personal health and hygiene. Necessities are evaluated and assessed for each program participant to ensure individual needs are met and to reinforce the holistic support the HCR program is intended to provide. 


While some participants may have transportation to/from a job, we recognize that some participants will not have these resources.  HCR provides transportation resources to any program member that needs it from specific travel to/from a job, appointments, and other activities that are approved by HCR staff.

Domestic Violence

Un-affordable Rent

Is the leading cause of homelessness. Over 90% of homeless women are drived out of their homes due to severe physical and/or sexual abuse.

Many people are homeless simply because of the lack of affordable housing within the USA.


The essence of the HCR program is its highly trained and knowledgeable support counseling staff.  Counselors are supportive of all program participants and is tailored to the needs of the individual. Personal development goals are identified and serve as focal points for counselors that are available to help individuals attain these milestones. Additionally, counselors provide ongoing support to ensure there is a progressive path of development.


While some programs focus exclusively on the individuals attainment of a job, the HCR program helps the individual obtain new skills and technical ability to find a job that will meet financial obligations of the individuals.  HCR partners with job training services and businesses across Houston to develop, train, and ultimately hire program participants in jobs that that are rewarding and assist the individual in living without program or social support services. 


Individual skill development is also a core feature of the HCR program.  Developing skills, regardless of the type of skill, HCR is here to help the individual.  Skillset identification is tailored to the individual based on their interest and the wide variety of opportunities to get involved and try new things within the program. 

Our government doesn't help...

Being homeless is now a crime

as much as you might think. Many people are on multi-year long waiting lists for affordable housing, only one in every four households are chosen for affordable government living.

In 24% of cities it is a crime to beg in public. In 33% it is illegal to loiter. In 43% it is now illegal to sleep in your car.  53% have even made it illegal to sit or lie down in public areas.


Attention to and finding solutions for medical issues is an essential element of the HCR program.  Addressing medical concerns assists in focusing on long-term goals and actions to improve the individual overall health and well-being.  We work with partners across the Houston area to find medical support and care facilities to assist individual in the program with specific medical needs.  While HCR does not pay for medical services on behalf of the individual, we will work with resources to find affordable quality care.


One the core aspects of HCR is the compassion we show for our participants.  That doesn’t mean the expectations of participants is insignificant, however, we strive to ensure counselors and HCR staff embrace a family-like environment.  From the private campus facility, to the décor and personal rooms, every aspect of the HCR programs embodies the family environment that is necessary to ensure participants are able to be themselves as they make the personal changes and improvements to successfully complete the program.  

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