Why I’m Passionate About HCR
Constance Singletary is the original founder of Human Connection Revolution (HCR). Constance’s passion is helping others while also focusing on the family and addressing issues that have long-lasting impacts on individuals in our community. Through education, general observation, and some self-experience has enlightened her of the many variables that have clearly contributed to degrading society throughout history. These foundational issues have helped create the theory that many of the world’s social problems wouldn’t exist had there been a more solid foundation in the fabric of societies’ families.

By truly putting oneself in the place of another’s perspective, using empathy, we can understand how a person’s past has affected their overall lives and decisions. To observe, experience, and truly feel like the people HCR plans to help has only given Constance evermore reason to continue with her thesis that the best start to helping people starts from treating the root problems within each individual person. By putting more emphasis on taking a curative approach to treating the root causes of the many deplorable symptoms seen in society today, Connie is determined to assist in rebuilding the foundational elements in a person, rather than just offering temporary patches or band-aids in the form of material resources that often fade away or lose their effectiveness over time. With many of the government and private assistance organizations struggling to develop a cohesive plan to sufficiently solve the root causes of social problems, Connie’s is focused on filling these societal voids through the HCR program of support and tailored counseling assistance, which is aimed at eliminating temporary patches, the cycle of insanity, and waste of precious resources that exists in existing communities and support programs.

Why HCR Is Different
People have asked why we would take on such a task that requires much time, money, and effort to set up an organization such as what HCR plans to be. It’s a big idea that can’t be done alone, costs money just like anything else, but has the potential to be the first organization that will end the need for taxpayer dollars being spent on assistance programs, welfare, and other government activities aimed to “end poverty.”

One of HCR’s biggest goals is to lower the number of inmates in prisons/jails in the future overtime; therefore, saving more taxpayer money to be spent on more important, pressing matters and things. Saving money aside, there’s something important to gain from HCR. Human beings are mostly social creatures by nature that mirror actions and absorb ideas from others naturally. Many that need real help are surrounded by negative influences in many different forms that creates a cycle of insanity when they stay in the same negatively influential environment with lack of enough change to disrupt the sad cycle.

Providing individuals with a safe, homely environment and surrounding them with counselors that cultivate the best in each person, or bad seed so to speak, will help ground them in the right kind of soil to rebuild their foundation. Every individual will be able to grow better from the person they are today to someone that is not only self-sufficient in taking care of themselves and their families but who has found inner peace in themselves through love and communication rather than ignoring root causes to their problems with mindless distractions. The ultimate change occurs when the root cause of problems that exist in every individual is finally acknowledged and appropriately handled in healthy, safe manners to be eliminated. Anything worth doing in this life will always take investments of one’s time, nurturing/caring efforts, a form of payment, and an abundance of patience much like that of a parent. In order to realize the HCR vision, we need your support. Please go to http://www.humanconnectionrevolution.org to donate today. Your support of HCR is very much appreciated.