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Human Connection Revolution (HCR) is a non-profit organization focused on assisting individuals in addressing a wide array of issues through counseling, temporary housing, and other services.  Candidates for the program are carefully selected through a detailed intake process, and upon acceptance will receive tailored support and counseling customized for each individual.



HCR is focused on development and growth of individuals that are committed to changing their lives with the extraordinary experience that can be gained from full participation in the program. Our measure of success is based on the individual and their ability to transition from the program to a stable life once their time with the program ends. Our ultimate goal is to ensure every individual fully addresses the issues that have affected the person’s ability to be self-sufficient and a productive member of society.


One primary reason many face hardships results from being surrounded by negative influences on their personality, behaviors, and actions. With the lack of positive influences to steer them away from negativity, which perpetuates centuries’ old social problems; historical issues that have never been resolved properly, therefore creating a cycle of insanity. HCR seeks determined candidates who stand to gain a real family with us. By treating every person the way they would want to be treated we expect to see the best in each individual to blossom naturally when truly immersed in a nurturing environment.

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The Story Behind the Sign.

As you’re driving, watching all around, with your mind on things you need to do next, a regretted argument, upcoming event, or the movie you watched the night before, you slow as you approach a traffic light. Your focus is now on the light. And there she is, the damn panhandler. Then, the dreaded eye contact occurs…

Through this organization, I have the unique opportunity to assist in creating an organization that’s truly impactful in help individuals that need assistance, support, and guidance…

Is the original founder of Human Connection Revolution (HCR). Constance’s passion is helping others while also focusing on the family and addressing issues that have long lasting impacts on individuals in our community. Through education, general observation, and some self-experience has enlightened…

I am the Fundraising Manager for Human Connection Revolution (HCR).  

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